TXAM ES Field Services

TXAM Energy Services provides a wide range of services that involve the construction of oil and gas infrastructure, such as pipelines, well pads, and processing facilities. With our expertise, you can move quickly to meet your production goals.

These services can include a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Site preparation: This involves preparing the land for oil and gas operations. This may involve clearing land, grading, and installing drainage systems.
  • Road and pipeline construction: This involves constructing roads and pipelines to provide access to oil and gas wells and facilities.
  • Well pad construction: This involves constructing well pads to support drilling and production activities. This may involve excavating the land, installing gravel and cement, and constructing access roads.
  • Processing facility construction: This involves constructing processing facilities to separate oil, gas, and water. This can include installing tanks, pumps, and other equipment.
  • Maintenance and repair: TXAM Energy Services also provides maintenance and repair services for oil and gas infrastructure. This may involve repairing pipelines, well pads, and processing facilities.

TXAM Energy Services employs experienced and qualified contractors who have the knowledge and skills necessary to work in a hazardous environment. Oil field construction contractors must be able to use a variety of heavy equipment and materials. They must also be able to comply with strict safety and environmental regulations.

Oil field construction services are essential to the development and production of oil and gas resources. By providing these services, TXAM Energy Services can help to ensure that oil and gas production is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Here are some additional benefits of using oil field construction services:

  • Improved safety: TXAM Energy Services has the experience and expertise to safely perform a variety of tasks, such as road and pipeline construction, well pad construction, and processing facility construction.
  • Increased efficiency: TXAM ES has the equipment and resources to quickly and efficiently complete projects.
  • Reduced costs: Employing TXAM ES can help to reduce the cost of oil and gas production by providing efficient and affordable services.
  • Environmental compliance: We are familiar with and comply with all applicable environmental regulations.

TXAM Energy Services can provide long and short-term construction services to ensure the safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your operations. Contact Us today to find out how TXAM Energy Services can support you.